Sim Specialists are Speakers at Autodesk University 2014

Autodesk invited Sim Specialists LLC to present 2 CFD training classes this year at Autodesk University held in Las Vegas.  The content of these CFD simulation classes is now available for free online.

For electronics cooling applications, learn how heat sinks are optimized with CFD by viewing Heat Sink Design with Autodesk Simulation CFD.

CFD Heat Sink Comparison


Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) is experiencing a growing demand for CFD simulation to reduce energy costs in green building initiatives.  See more about how CFD is applied to AEC applications at Autodesk Simulation CFD for AEC Applications.

CFD of Library


For more CFD and FEA training solutions, please visit Sim Specialists Training and the Sim Specialists Youtube Channel.

SIm Specialists Puzzle